Stawley & Ashbrittle Parishes


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Try the Parish News to find out what is happening.

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The draft Minutes of the Auust 2020  meeting are available by clicking here.


The next Council Meeting will be sometime in the future.




Many in the parishes are still without broadband at a decent speed.  One of the Parish Councillors has taken on the battle to improve matters and the recent news can be found by clicking here.





Planning Applications

cricket club

Heavy rains can cause some local flooding and the bridge at Greenham to be overcome for a short time.  You can see the state of the river at Greenham as the Gauge Station there records the river level in real time by clicking here.



COVID-19 Assistance


Details of how you can gain assistance during this period will be published in the Parish News for April wjhich should have hit your doormat.  If not you can see an electronic copy (10Mb) here.


The Shop, as the hub of our community, will be coordinating any response that is required in the parish of Stawley and Ashbrittle so if you hear of someone that needs assistance or you need it yourself please either e-mail [email protected] or phone 01823 674361.


There is a lot of good information from Somerset County Council which can be accessed by clicking here.


As things may change before the next edition of the Parish News any updates on local affairs will be posted on this website.

CIL 2019/20



RETURN (EXEMPT AUTHORITY) is available by clicking  here.

Reporting Road Problems

Somerset Highways are very good at coming out to fix problems but can only do so if they know there is one!  So if you see a pothole or other problem please report it to them by clicking here. 


Stawley has  some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds left over from previous years.  Details are here.  


Stawley Virtual Flower

and Produce Show 2020


In the absence of the real thing,  

a fun, photograph-based Flower and Produce Show will be held this year


Free to all entrants

All classes open to adults and children (please include age)

Submit your photographs under the classes listed below:


1        What I ‘made’ during lockdown  

         This can be anything: craft item, your garden, artwork etc.

2        A vegetable selection from your garden, displayed in any way

3        A fruit selection from your garden, displayed in any way

4        Garden in a vase            

         Any flowers, plants etc. in a vase or similar container

5        Rainbow cupcakes


Entries will be anonymised and reviewed by an independent judge.

Winners and as many photographic entries as possible will be published in the October issue of the Parish News  

The winning entries will be  printed in colour and displayed at Stawley Shop in October



Conditions of Entry


Photographs to be submitted electronically only, in any common format

(please keep files to less than 5 Megabytes if possible)


One photograph per person, per class. Please include your name and your age if you are a child

Absolute closing date for entries is Wednesday 16th September


Please send your photographs to:      

[email protected]


Important: to ensure that we receive your entries, please put ‘Flower Show Entry’ as the Subject of your email. This will generate an auto-receipt

(Please check that you have received this. We don’t want entries going astray)