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Try the Parish News to find out what is happening.

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The draft Minutes of the March meeting are available by clicking here.


The next meeting is on  Tuesday 7th May at 7:30pm in Appley Pavilion.  The agenda is here.



There have been a number of thefts of items from outbuildings recently so make sure that you remain vigilant.  The Police would like any info on:


WH04 DKN White VW Tipper or

MV03  MZX   Black Ford Focus




Many in the parishes are still without broadband at a decent speed.  One of the Parish Councillors has taken on the battle to improve matters and the recent news can be found by clicking here.

The Minutes of the March meeting are available for viewing by clicking here.


The next meeting is sometime in the future.>!




What's On?

cricket club

There is something for everyone to take part in within our communities should they wish.  Further local information can also be found by clicking here.

Heavy rains can cause some local flooding and the bridge at Greenham to be overcome for a short time.  You can see the state of the river at Greenham as the Gauge Station there records the river level in real time by clicking here.


Planning Applications

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Stawley Parish

2016-17 Audit

The Parish Council’s audit for 2016-17 has been concluded.   For the Notice of Conclusion of the Audit and supporting documents please click here

The link to see planning applications is: .

Annual Audit and Statements


The following documents satisfy the regulations for what smaller Authorities need to do to advertise the period during which electors and interested persons may exercise rights relating to the annual accounts.


The notices and documents below are for the Accounts for the parish of Stawley for the year ended March 2018:


Audit Notice Public Rights


Audit Notice


Annual Return for 2017/18


A list of applications made in 2018 of which we are aware can be accessed by clicking here.

RCI Minutes

The latest minutes of the RCI can be viewed by clicking here.