Stawley & Ashbrittle Parishes


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Try the Parish News to find out what is happening.

For recent copies click on the icon.

The draft Minutes of the December  meeting are available by clicking here.


The next meeting will be at 7:30pm on the 3rd March 2020.  The agenda is here.




Many in the parishes are still without broadband at a decent speed.  One of the Parish Councillors has taken on the battle to improve matters and the recent news can be found by clicking here.





What's On?

The calendar is in abeyance as we found that most people used the Parish News to find out what is going on.  To go to the News page click here.

cricket club

There is something for everyone to take part in within our communities should they wish.  Further local information can also be found by clicking here.

Heavy rains can cause some local flooding and the bridge at Greenham to be overcome for a short time.  You can see the state of the river at Greenham as the Gauge Station there records the river level in real time by clicking here.


Planning Applications


Volunteer Emergency Telephone System (VETS)


Living in a rural area has a few challenges.  One is finding someone to help in an emergency.  VETS is a system that has been introduced to help you make use of one of the four defribrillators we have in the local area but can be used whatever the emergency if you need another pair of hands once the emergency services have been called.


A fuller explanation of how it works can be found by clicking here.


Click here to access a map of the areas covered by the 4 defibrillators. The areas within the circles are within 2 Km of a defibrillator. Choose that nearest to your home address. Keep the relevant telephone number by your telephone.




St Nicholas at Kittisford is pleased to announce that there will be an event every month.  Sometimes these will be traditional services but more often they will be occasions for reflection and activity.  

Stawley CIL

The Fingerpost at the junction of the Holcombe Rogus turnoff in Greenham has been repaired and re-painted with funds from the Community Infrastrcuture Levy.  Details of payments made in 2018 are here.

Kittisford Church

The draft Minutes of the July meeting are available by clicking here.


The next meeting will be at 7:00pm on the 12th September  


Reporting Road Problems

Somerset Highways are very good at coming out to fix problems but can only do so if they know there is one!  So if you see a pothole or other problem please report it to them by clicking here.